Of Rust, Dust & A Dying Era

Peter Lindbergh Style Photography in an abandoned machine hall

I recently had a #PeterLindbergh moment when entering this particular valhalla of ancient superchargers. These were used up until not-so-long-ago to drive the usage of coal. Well, luckily we are almost past this era - yet, the remainings are very visually alluring - at least in my eyes. Especially when you blend this industrial heritage with something completely different to form a stark but thought-provoking contrast. Which brings me back to Peter Lindbergh.

I rank Mr Lindbergh among my top influencers in terms of photogenic approach. His contribution to photography and also the film world cannot be overemphasized. However, I won't go any deeper into his legacy here - do your due diligent Google search if you don't know the master I am talking about.

Afterwards you can follow this link to Vogue UK magazine and you will find the photograph which I was reminded of. It's bit of a memory puzzle task, I suppose. Hint: just the beautiful ladies are missing in my image. Have fun!

Dennis Honold

Cinematographer and lover of great stories told with light and shadow.