About DH


Motion works. Motion is key.

Conveying a distinct story, a peculiar mood in such a way that it touches both eyes and ears, impacts both heart and soul at the same time – film can do!  In my very own eyes, it is such a diverse medium which is capable of refining and reinventing itself over and over again.

Starting out as camera assistant to a couple of very inspiring DOPs I received an enormous practical training on both technical and creative matters. However, I quickly realized lighting design is my path to the craft of filmmaking. I continued working in the lighting department on a variety of projects such as commercials, drama (short and feature films)
and corporate films as best boy and gaffer.

Studying audiovisual media I had the opportunity to follow my interests which are undeniably connected with film: my love for graphic design, architecture, photography and visual effects. This approach helped to broaden my scope while I kept on working on film projects which now also included documentary work, TV-style reports and web magazines.

With these influences my intention is to go beyond visual trends and to generate emotional impacts with integral filmic landscapes. Creating interior worlds and insights into characters is what I strive to achieve.


Dennis Honold

Dennis Honold